Logo design, font selection and color choices are essential components of brand identity. Updating these vector elements ensures that new campaigns leave a good first impression.

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If your brand is outdated your customers will assume your products and services are as well.

Did You Know? Your first idea is often best. Focus on implementation and testing rather than internal feedback.

It is vital to marketing success that your brand represents the quality, reputation, and positioning of products and services. Our branding agency ensures this for each of our clients. Best Practice: Create square, horizontal, and reversed logo variations that can be used across platforms (Google, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram). Layer your branding, value prop and call-to-action on top of stock photography and video for a high-end look at a fraction of the cost.

  • Color Pallet
  • Typograph Sheet
  • Mood Board
  • Brand Book
  • Design System

Visual elements and storytelling are everything… A photo’s worth 1,000 words and a video’s worth 10,000.

Compelling visual elements are as important to marketing success as any other factor. For many companies, YouTube video content is more important than Google search rankings.

As regularly as possible, every company should create 15, 30 and 60 second product overviews that can be updated and promoted across online channels. Customers are 4X more likely to click a link, fill out a form, and become a customer after watching a video.

The best brands have compelling slogans and statements that explain and embody what their company does and why they do it best:
  • Nike “Just Do It”
  • Subway “Eat Fresh”
  • Energizer “It Keeps Going, and Going, and Going…”
  • Arby's "We Have the Meats"
  • Apple “Think Different”
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